Vacation 2010 – a Fall Driving Trip – Part 4

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More wineries and on to the Corning Museum of Glass

Tuesday after breakfast that we shared with interesting guests at the Bed and Breakfast, we DSC_3062said goodbye to Donna and Jack and the B&B at Oliver Phelps.  Unfortunately we had to backtrack to the Belhurst castle, as I had left my credit card their when we had lunch   yesterday.  Not too much out of the way and it allowed us to start off along the west side of Seneca Lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes we would see.

The first winery we came to was the Pompous Ass DSC_3064-1Winery – where we picked up a bottle of Bodacious  Blend and two bottles of Kiss My A** White.  Yes, they  were making fun of some of the other, more formal wineries but the wines were good (and inexpensive).

Then we crossed over westward to Penn Yan and down the east side of DSC_3051Keuka Lake.  A nice lake that was much narrower than the others which provided great pictures of the fall colors on the other side of the lake .

Back over to the road along Seneca Lake and down to Watkins Glenn.  The town was a bit of a disappointment as it was more industrial than the more Victorian towns of Canandaigua and Geneva. We drove up along the east side a bit to visit the Catharine Valley winery, but they were closed and there was a sign on the door that said their DSC_3072 opening time varied with their mood.  We did get to see the Hector Falls along the way and I was able to get a picture of the flowing water.

Our next planned stop at the Watkins Glen State Park turned out to be a dud in that you could only enter it by hiking 1.5 miles in.  there was no way to get their by car.  Supposed to be some stunning canyon walls and waterfalls, but we cannot vouch for the beauty as we were not up for that kind of walk.P1020950

So it was on to the Corning Museum of Glass – about 20 miles farther south in Corning, New  York.  The town of corning was P1020960(and is) the center for lots of things “glass” and this is their museum and tourist attraction, not  a museum of the Corning Company.  We spent about two hours and could have taken more time to see all of the three different aspects of it – one was kind of a Science P1020969Museum showing things like how glass is made and the power of fiber optics compared to copper wire.  The second and largest  portion was a more classic museum showing historical and famous glass pieces.  Some went back over 2,000 years. Hard to pick out a few pictures to give the P1020994 impact of the objects presented.  The third part, of course, was their large gift shop of glass P1020956 pieces.  One item was $44,000.  With the time of year, Glass Pumpkins were featured.

Dinner was at Sorges, a quaint Italian eatery on Market Street in Corning.  We got smart and shared a combination plate to taste a few items and not get too full.

Vacation 2010- a Fall Driving Trip – Part III

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Exploring the Finger Lakes -  Monday

Monday was a fun day.

DSC_2945We started out going to the Sonnenberg Mansion and Castle right in town in Canandaigua.   A 40-room mansion on 50 acres with wonderful gardens built and developed in 1887 by Frank and Mary Clarke Thompson.  He was a New York banker and originally it was on 300 acres.  It is now part of the New York State Park System, DSC_2962 but it is all run  by volunteers.  The gardens were past their prime for the year, but it was still beautiful to see.  I was stuck by the fact that we were marveling at this property built by a DSC_2966“Wall Street Banker”  and yet today, we are not vey happy with the

amount of money they make on Wall Street.  I am sure Mr. Thompson made an equivalent amount for his day.  Spent a couple hours.

The last part of the Sonnenberg adventure was the first part of our wine tasting.  It was a trip to their wine cellar and sampling, and then buying some New York Wines.

DSC_3006-1DSC_3005-1DSC_2999-1 We then drove around the lakefront of Lake Canandaigua. In addition to the seagulls that perched on our hood, they had  interesting housing for people and boats as part of the public dock.  I a m sure this arrangement could not be approved by city council these days, so I am sure it goes a long way back.

DSC_3017We then headed over to Lake Seneca and the City of Geneva – about a 15 mile drive.  A larger and more industrial and commercial place as compared to the quaint, Victorian flavor of  Canandaigua.  Primary stops were two high end resorts.  Geneva-on-the-Lake was a very old style, formal resort that reminded us of The Greenbrier in West Virginia but much, much smaller – very formal, white building and formal gardens – with croquet set up in the gardens.  Probably not a place we would have enjoyed staying at.

DSC_3022-1 Then just down the lake about a mile was the Belhurst Castle – an old mansion on the lake that has been turned into a place to eat and stay overnight in the Castle or the more modern additions to it.  The major attraction for us was the start of day two of wine tasting.  bought a couple bottles and then had a cheese and crackers lunch before moving on to the next winery.  Would definitely consider having a meal or overnight here on a future trip.

DSC_3029-1 Stopped at the Fox Run Vineyard that ran all the way down to the lake.  Got some good winery pictures but did not care for the wines so we headed back home to the B & B.  Had dinner downtown at Simply Crepes.  Excellent, simple but elegant restaurant with excellent food.  Had the Ham and asparagus crepe.

A nice day with just the right level of activity.

Vacation 2010-a Fall Driving Trip – Part 2

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Moving on to Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes

The drive to the Finger Lakes would be our longest except for the final day driving home.  First stop was Niagara Falls.  The falls were the same as always, but the surroundings have become more of an amusement park sporting Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, a Hard Rock Cafe, DSC_2895Rainforest Cafe, and other amusements.  Took a few pictures but did not partake of any of the other “activities”.  Had about a 10 minute wait to get through customs and immigration back into the US.

On the next segment in New York, we saw a large number of new electric generating windmills.  Quite nice looking.  I wish we would do more of them in Michigan.

After a couple hours drive we arrived at Lechworth State Park – also called the Grand Canyon of the East.  That may be a bit of an exaggeration, DSC_2906but it truly was stunning.  A river cuts through the rock with some large water falls.  lots of places to walk trails or simply stop the car and look out over the  edge.  Younger folks with more ability and interest in hiking could easily spend an entire day.  I was impressed at the freedom to park just about anywhere you could fit a car.  Stopped for an ice cream cone for what would be called lunch.  Spent about one hour in the park but did not do any of the hikes.

Then drove over past several of the minor Finger Lakes and arrived about 5:30 at the Bed and Breakfast at Oliver Phelps in Canandaigua, NY, at the north end of Canandaigua Lake.  It was a photogreat place with good breakfasts.  It was on Main Street and built in 1812 by Oliver Phelps III, the grandson of one of the founding  fathers of Canandaigua.  With the season, our room was a bit on the chilly side, but we just used all the blankets on the canopied four-poster bed.  Our hosts, Donna and Jack were quite accommodating, allowing us to pick the breakfast time between 8 and 10.  They have owned it for seven years, moving there from the northwest.

Had dinner at Schooners, but the name was better than the food.  Plenty of other places that we could have chosen that I think would have been better, although many were closed on Sunday evening in the off season.

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Vacation 2010 – a Fall Driving Trip – Part 1

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Trip to Stratford, through Niagara Falls to the Finger Lakes, some wineries, the Corning Glass Museum,to Harrisburg, then on to Philadelphia for Uncle Bobs 90th birthday celebration.

Off to Stratford Ontario and the Stratford Festival Theater

Started out quite leisurely, leaving about 11:15.  Crossed the Blue Water Bridge and with zero wait for immigration and customs for Canada.  Arrived Stratford Ontario about 2:30, walked around down town a bit, making sure we stopped at a few of our favorite stores, the native art store and the Scottish clothing store.  Didn’t buy anything. 

DSC_2837Got to the Mornington Rose B&B about 4 PM.  Victoria and Murray were quite nice hosts.  They  had only owned the place for two years.  Breakfast was absolutely stunning, starting with a fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt, then individual quiches with vegetables, scones and breads available on the table.  Also a nice marmalade for on toast.  Had a nice room – we had a shared balcony overlooking the street, but it was a bit chilly to sit out there. They have four rooms for future reference.  Located near Corinne Opiteck’s A Place Somewhere.

Saw Kiss Me Kate musical at the Festival Theater.  Good seats in the balcony second row.  Cole Porter did to musical for the play back in the 30s or 40s.  Got him rave reviews at the time.  The story line was a bit contorted. It was about the production of a musical version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, but the main characters had been divorced for a year and were still feuding, but perhaps still in love.  There were other characters with romantic connections and these connections played out both behind the stage in their characters and on the stage of Taming of the Shrew with the characters they played there.  I might have gotten some of the subtle jokes if I was familiar with Taming of the Shrew.  One part of the story line was about two gangsters attempting to collect a $10,000 IOU.  They even showed up on the Shakespeare stage with a musical number extolling the audience to “Brush up your Shakespeare” laced with titles of his plays.  Quite funny.

More tomorrow as we are off to the Finger Lakes.

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Some Great Success with Windows 7

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So far, I’m liking Windows 7.  Not that I have it on my personal PC. But last week my daughter and family needed to get a new PC as their multi-year old PC had become badly virus infected, and it was better to replace than fix.

So we picked up an Inspiron 580 with 8 GB of Memory, and 1 TB of Disk at Microcenter.  Took it home and had it up and running in a couple hours.  Lots faster than the old one.  They are just learning all of the ins and outs, but liking it so far.  I think the built-in backup will be quite valuable.

And at SunTel Services, we are rolling out Windows 7 to all of the field people for all of the security features.  And I have now converted over to W7 for myself.  Syncing to the network drives seems to work which is a big plus for me because I work about one day a week at home.  More to tell later as I discover the neat features.

SunTel Services Overview

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Helping technology work for people.SunTelBuildingSmaller


SunTel Services has been meeting the communication needs of commercial clients in  Michigan since 1986 with our first office in Southfield. We provide complete life-cycle services for voice, data, and unified networks. With growth through several other facilities we moved to our present headquarters in 2007 to improve the operation of our Customer Care Center and enhance our staging and service facilities

In 2004, we expanded into the Lansing, Flint, Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw markets through the acquisition of TES Networks, based in Flint.

In 2010 we began operation in the western side of the sate serving customers in Grand Rapids and Traverse City.

“Service” is in our name and remains our main driving force. We work with customers to understand the organization’s needs and then we design and implement a customized communications system built with products from industry leaders. SunTel’s team members pride themselves on their technical expertise and experience installing and maintaining over 2,500 communication systems. We are honored that over 1,000 satisfied clients have chosen SunTel as their communications partner.

To really learn about what make us tick, check out “The SunTel Way”, where you can find out about Our Principles, Our Methodology, and our approach to Customer Care. And check the menu items at the left for more information.

Unified Communications

If you want to know just “what” we do in today’s “always connected” world, it is best summarized as follows:

We have been integrating voice and data networks to provide Unified Communications since the early 1990’s. Now the rest of the world is catching up with us in the form of Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions. Unified Communications reduces operational cost by utilizing a single network and make the people more productive by providing an integrated environment for their communications. Unified Communications is built from six important ingredients:

QOS-Enabled IP Networks

The foundation for Unified Communications (UC) is a solid IP network designed and implemented to provide Quality of Service (QOS) on LAN, WAN and wireless segments. Using products from Juniper, Cisco, and Adtran, we have built and certified these IP networks to meet our customers’ requirements.

IP-Enabled Voice Systems

Sending Voice over IP (VoIP) across the network is only the starting point. A robust, feature-rich voice system addresses the most demanding voice connection and routing needs at any location on the IP network. We have installed hundreds of VoIP-capable systems from Nortel Networks, Mitel, and Cisco.

Messaging and Collaboration

A single message store that provides access to any message – voice, email, or fax – from any device – phone, connected PC, or browser – provides the most visible UC capability to end users. They only have to check one place for their messages. We are skilled in not only installing, but also training users in the use of Unified Messaging from Mitel, Nortel, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Since 1999, SunTel has been one of the pioneers of Unified Collaboration, delivering MeetingService, our audio, web conferencing, and screen sharing solution. Today, we offer a variety of collaboration solutions for our customers.

Mobility and Remote Access

Mobility and Remote Access extend Unified Communications to today’s geographically diverse workforce – at a remote office, on the road, or working from home. With the solutions we offer from Mitel, Juniper, Microsoft, Nortel, and Blue Coat, employees and partners can work with all their communication modes as though they are in the office.


Unified Communications adds to the requirements for network security in the network infrastructure; a compromised network is just not acceptable. With security products from Juniper and Blue Coat, we are able to secure our customers’ UC-enabled environments.


Network management provides the assurance that you can depend on your network to support your business. We offer the network management components from each of our system manufacturers, as well as NetSurety, our network management service, and application performance monitoring solutions from Blue Coat.

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