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SunTel Services Overview


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SunTel Services has been meeting the communication needs of commercial clients in  Michigan since 1986 with our first office in Southfield. We provide complete life-cycle services for voice, data, and unified networks. With growth through several other facilities we moved to our present headquarters in 2007 to improve the operation of our Customer Care Center and enhance our staging and service facilities

In 2004, we expanded into the Lansing, Flint, Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw markets through the acquisition of TES Networks, based in Flint.

In 2010 we began operation in the western side of the sate serving customers in Grand Rapids and Traverse City.

“Service” is in our name and remains our main driving force. We work with customers to understand the organization’s needs and then we design and implement a customized communications system built with products from industry leaders. SunTel’s team members pride themselves on their technical expertise and experience installing and maintaining over 2,500 communication systems. We are honored that over 1,000 satisfied clients have chosen SunTel as their communications partner.

To really learn about what make us tick, check out “The SunTel Way”, where you can find out about Our Principles, Our Methodology, and our approach to Customer Care. And check the menu items at the left for more information.

Unified Communications

If you want to know just “what” we do in today’s “always connected” world, it is best summarized as follows:

We have been integrating voice and data networks to provide Unified Communications since the early 1990’s. Now the rest of the world is catching up with us in the form of Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions. Unified Communications reduces operational cost by utilizing a single network and make the people more productive by providing an integrated environment for their communications. Unified Communications is built from six important ingredients:

QOS-Enabled IP Networks

The foundation for Unified Communications (UC) is a solid IP network designed and implemented to provide Quality of Service (QOS) on LAN, WAN and wireless segments. Using products from Juniper, Cisco, and Adtran, we have built and certified these IP networks to meet our customers’ requirements.

IP-Enabled Voice Systems

Sending Voice over IP (VoIP) across the network is only the starting point. A robust, feature-rich voice system addresses the most demanding voice connection and routing needs at any location on the IP network. We have installed hundreds of VoIP-capable systems from Nortel Networks, Mitel, and Cisco.

Messaging and Collaboration

A single message store that provides access to any message – voice, email, or fax – from any device – phone, connected PC, or browser – provides the most visible UC capability to end users. They only have to check one place for their messages. We are skilled in not only installing, but also training users in the use of Unified Messaging from Mitel, Nortel, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Since 1999, SunTel has been one of the pioneers of Unified Collaboration, delivering MeetingService, our audio, web conferencing, and screen sharing solution. Today, we offer a variety of collaboration solutions for our customers.

Mobility and Remote Access

Mobility and Remote Access extend Unified Communications to today’s geographically diverse workforce – at a remote office, on the road, or working from home. With the solutions we offer from Mitel, Juniper, Microsoft, Nortel, and Blue Coat, employees and partners can work with all their communication modes as though they are in the office.


Unified Communications adds to the requirements for network security in the network infrastructure; a compromised network is just not acceptable. With security products from Juniper and Blue Coat, we are able to secure our customers’ UC-enabled environments.


Network management provides the assurance that you can depend on your network to support your business. We offer the network management components from each of our system manufacturers, as well as NetSurety, our network management service, and application performance monitoring solutions from Blue Coat.

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