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Vacation 2010- a Fall Driving Trip – Part III

Exploring the Finger Lakes -  Monday

Monday was a fun day.

DSC_2945We started out going to the Sonnenberg Mansion and Castle right in town in Canandaigua.   A 40-room mansion on 50 acres with wonderful gardens built and developed in 1887 by Frank and Mary Clarke Thompson.  He was a New York banker and originally it was on 300 acres.  It is now part of the New York State Park System, DSC_2962 but it is all run  by volunteers.  The gardens were past their prime for the year, but it was still beautiful to see.  I was stuck by the fact that we were marveling at this property built by a DSC_2966“Wall Street Banker”  and yet today, we are not vey happy with the

amount of money they make on Wall Street.  I am sure Mr. Thompson made an equivalent amount for his day.  Spent a couple hours.

The last part of the Sonnenberg adventure was the first part of our wine tasting.  It was a trip to their wine cellar and sampling, and then buying some New York Wines.

DSC_3006-1DSC_3005-1DSC_2999-1 We then drove around the lakefront of Lake Canandaigua. In addition to the seagulls that perched on our hood, they had  interesting housing for people and boats as part of the public dock.  I a m sure this arrangement could not be approved by city council these days, so I am sure it goes a long way back.

DSC_3017We then headed over to Lake Seneca and the City of Geneva – about a 15 mile drive.  A larger and more industrial and commercial place as compared to the quaint, Victorian flavor of  Canandaigua.  Primary stops were two high end resorts.  Geneva-on-the-Lake was a very old style, formal resort that reminded us of The Greenbrier in West Virginia but much, much smaller – very formal, white building and formal gardens – with croquet set up in the gardens.  Probably not a place we would have enjoyed staying at.

DSC_3022-1 Then just down the lake about a mile was the Belhurst Castle – an old mansion on the lake that has been turned into a place to eat and stay overnight in the Castle or the more modern additions to it.  The major attraction for us was the start of day two of wine tasting.  bought a couple bottles and then had a cheese and crackers lunch before moving on to the next winery.  Would definitely consider having a meal or overnight here on a future trip.

DSC_3029-1 Stopped at the Fox Run Vineyard that ran all the way down to the lake.  Got some good winery pictures but did not care for the wines so we headed back home to the B & B.  Had dinner downtown at Simply Crepes.  Excellent, simple but elegant restaurant with excellent food.  Had the Ham and asparagus crepe.

A nice day with just the right level of activity.

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