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Some Great Success with Windows 7

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

So far, I’m liking Windows 7.  Not that I have it on my personal PC. But last week my daughter and family needed to get a new PC as their multi-year old PC had become badly virus infected, and it was better to replace than fix.

So we picked up an Inspiron 580 with 8 GB of Memory, and 1 TB of Disk at Microcenter.  Took it home and had it up and running in a couple hours.  Lots faster than the old one.  They are just learning all of the ins and outs, but liking it so far.  I think the built-in backup will be quite valuable.

And at SunTel Services, we are rolling out Windows 7 to all of the field people for all of the security features.  And I have now converted over to W7 for myself.  Syncing to the network drives seems to work which is a big plus for me because I work about one day a week at home.  More to tell later as I discover the neat features.